22nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Tournament

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22nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Tournament

Posted by: Captain Brett
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A picture of 22nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Tournament

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Mike Mora

Another amazing year in the 22nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Tournament.  

The sport fishing tournament consisted of over 50 of the top guides in the Tampa Bay Area. We all had 3 clients in the boat with us from novice to advanced fishing levels.  It is one of the most competitive and fun events of the year.  We all go balls to the wall for those coveted bragging rights this tournament brings.
Day 1 was a disaster.  I was fortunate enough to be recommended as a guide for the ABC Liquor crew again (I think that’s at least 5 years strong now!).  I had Mrs Kris, her husband, and Nacho with me fishing and they were troopers all the way through. The winds were gusting up to 30 mph and the water was DIRTY!  The fish were hunkered down and if you were lucky enough to catch a few you did a great job.  We, unfortunately, let Mother Nature beat us and only could register a 26-inch redfish worthy of a picture.
A picture of 22nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Tournament
Day 2 we walked out on the dock with our tails wagging in the right direction.   We knew it couldn’t be tougher than the day before.  The seas had settled overnight and the sun came out Sunday morning.  We stuck to the game plan with a few wrinkles mixed in and went on our way.   The first two hours were tough….and then we got on the big reds!   We were dodging and weaving through 30-inch fish when Mrs. Kris felt the thud in the mud.  After an epic battle, we put it on the board and she measured a whopping 37”.   A true Tampa Bay sea monster.  We left there and scored a decent trout and popped a 32-inch snook with about an hour and a half left.
At the scales, we awaited at the award ceremony as winners were announced.  We ended up with the largest red in the tournament and a solid 3rd place finish overall for the slam.  Great times after a tough start.  Never give up!
A picture of 22nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Tournament
Author: Captain Brett