Fishing with Outdoor 360

Fishing with Outdoor 360

Posted by: Captain Brett
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Last Updated on January 7, 2020 by Clay Eavenson

Fishing continues to stay hot with the weather in the mid 70s.  The trout bite is getting strong after each cold front and the snook fishing has been stellar.

I had the opportunity to fish the Chapman brothers of Outdoor 360 a few weeks back.   The day started off slow with some smaller trout and grouper to keep us busy.   As the sun started to fall the redfish showed up literally out of nowhere.  We chummed them and had them boiling on the surface.   Check out the video!   You can see these bronze bombers popping bait on the surface in a feeding frenzy toward the end of the clip.   Check out Outdoor360 for some more incredible videos and see why Florida is the fishing capital of the world!!  Enjoy!

Author: Captain Brett