The 2023 St. Pete Fishing Calendar

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The 2023 St. Pete Fishing Calendar

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Eric

Are you looking for the perfect spot to drop a line this year? Look no further than the beautiful waters of Saint Petersburg, Florida! Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting your fishing journey, St. Pete has something for everyone regarding coastal fishing.

We’ve put together a comprehensive fishing calendar that considers seasonal patterns and favorites among local anglers to get the most out of your experience in Saint Petersburg and take advantage of hot fishing spots each month. Check out our 2023 St. Pete Fishing Calendar and have one of your best years yet on the water!

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Beginning of the Year: End of Winter, Beginning of Spring

St. Pete is ideal for those looking to start their year off with a bang! The best target species during the first couple of months are known to be pompano, sheepshead, and black drum. But that’s not all – anglers may also find jack crevalle, flounder, spotted seatrout, and mangrove snapper in St. Pete waters over this period.

As the months go by, your chances of catching these incredible fish also increase! With March coming around the corner, St. Pete offers exciting possibilities for catching snook! It’s a great time of year to have fun out on the water here in St. Pete.

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Spring To Summer

The early-mid year is a great time to target more extensive and exciting species like jack crevalle, pompano, cobia, and redfish. Jack crevalle picks up action around this time, staying active until late fall. Similarly, pompano will remain top catch candidates until the hottest summer months set in. As for black drum and cobia, they’ll slow down until winter, but that doesn’t mean your chances are entirely gone in early April.

On the other hand, redfish hit higher activity levels now, eventually calming down a bit with the hotter months as summer progresses. St. Pete has become an angler’s paradise this time of year as tarpon, snook, and tripletail run wild. During this time, the resident mangrove snapper will also pick up in activity.

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Summer To Fall

Jack Crevalle and pompano will be active most of the summer, although pompano will be a bit calmer toward the end of September. Redfish and snook action will ramp up in August because that’s when their annual spawn starts, so it’ll get better from then on. And don’t forget about mangrove snapper – they’ll remain incredibly active! Lastly, tarpon and tripletail action will start to dwindle as we head toward the end of the year, but until then, St. Pete has plenty to offer in terms of saltwater fish species!

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Fall to Winter

St. Pete is the perfect place this time of year if you’re looking for some late-year fishing action! Jack crevalle is still very active, although cobia will start tapering off as we move into winter. Our St. Pete fishermen have had luck tracking down redfish and black drum – both croaker species that make for great eating at the end of a long day’s fishing! St. Pete’s is also still an active spot for flounder and spotted seatrout, which you can use to feed your family and friends. Snooks tend to shy away from St. Pete’s cooler weather, and mangrove snapper begin their descent into colder season behavior soon after. Still, pompano become more active in the low temps.

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Get on the Water All Year Long

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