The 2023 Tarpon Season in St. Pete

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The 2023 Tarpon Season in St. Pete

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Last Updated on January 6, 2023 by Eric

Are you an avid fisherman ready to tackle the challenge of catching tarpon in St. Pete? With the 2023 season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing for your big fishing adventure! Whether you are a novice angler looking for new angling techniques or an experienced angler ready for more demanding waters, something is exciting and rewarding waiting just off our golden coasts. From Bayboro Harbor to Mangrove Bayou, St. Pete offers some of Florida’s best inshore fishing opportunities!

Saint Petersburg Tarpon Season

Tarpon season is always an exciting time for anglers, as we eagerly anticipate this silver king’s arrival. These spectacular fish have earned a reputation for their extraordinary size, substantial lifespan, and remarkable fighting ability, making them the most sought-after trophy fish in the region.

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Here in St. Petersburg, tarpon season typically runs from May through August, but they frequently inhabit shallow coastal waters and estuaries all year round. We often find these nomadic creatures swimming near St. Pete’s shores or sometimes along its beaches when their short journey brings them there. There is no greater thrill than outsmarting one of these crafty creatures and catching that prized tarpon!

What To Expect

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, catching a tarpon is the one! These majestic fish can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds, making them an excellent game for inexperienced and experienced anglers.

During the fight, you can expect an impressive display of aerial acrobatics as the fish jumps multiple times and performs flips and somersaults in the air. They also make long runs, and powerful head shakes as they try to wiggle off the hook. Catching a tarpon is worth your while for anyone wanting an exciting fishing adventure with some unforgettable memories!

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Fish With Us

If you’re looking to get the most out of your tarpon fishing experience for the 2023 season in St. Pete, it’s time to look into a charter with an experienced captain. Captain Brett and his team of experienced guides at Rock Bottom Sports Fishing have extensive knowledge to help you find the best spots and give you the best chance of success when targeting trophy tarpon. And while it may not be easy, it is worth it, as the excitement and reward of catching these mighty fish will stick with any angler for a lifetime.

At Rock Bottom Sports Fishing, they can put you on anything from tailing redfish on the flats, lunker snook on dock lights, massive tarpon on beaches, to goliaths or permit—even monster kingfish out in the bluewater! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and book your chartered fishing expedition today if want a chance at landing something special!

Author: Eric