What Fish are Biting in St Pete Beach Now? (Inshore/Nearshore)

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What Fish are Biting in St Pete Beach Now? (Inshore/Nearshore)

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Last Updated on May 6, 2023 by Eric

As we wrap up the first week of May, St. Pete Beach’s fishing scene is buzzing with excitement, with a diverse range of fish species biting in both inshore and nearshore waters. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started, there’s never been a better time to cast a line in St. Pete Beach. Let’s dive into the top species to target during this period and where to find them, giving you the inside scoop on the best fishing opportunities.

Inshore Fishing: A Shallow Water Adventure

Inshore fishing around St. Pete Beach offers the thrill of chasing after redfish, snook, and spotted seatrout in the shallow waters of Tampa Bay. As the water temperatures rise in May, these species become increasingly active, offering anglers plenty of action-packed opportunities. From the intricate mangrove systems to lush seagrass beds and oyster bars, these hotspots are teeming with life, providing ample cover and food sources for your target species.

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While redfish can be caught using live shrimp or cut bait, snook prefers live bait such as scaled sardines or threadfin herring. Spotted seatrout are typically caught using artificial lures or live shrimp suspended under a popping cork. Keep your eyes peeled for feeding birds or surface activity, as these signs often indicate the presence of predatory fish.

Nearshore Fishing: Reeling in the Big Ones

For those ready to venture slightly further offshore, the nearshore waters of St. Pete Beach are home to various larger fish species. King mackerel, or kingfish, is a top target in May as they make their way through the area during their annual migration. Found just a few miles offshore, these powerful and fast fish provide a thrilling challenge for any angler. Trolling with live bait or artificial lures is an effective technique for targeting these acrobatic predators.

Grouper and snapper also abound in the nearshore waters, especially around reefs and wrecks. These bottom-dwelling fish are known for their strength and delicious taste. Live or cut bait, such as pinfish or squid, is your best bet for enticing these hard-fighting fish to bite. Be prepared for a tough battle as they try to dive back into their rocky hideouts!

A picture of What Fish are Biting in St Pete Beach Now? (Inshore/Nearshore)Seasonal Species: A Dynamic Fishing Experience

As we exit the first week of May, keep an eye out for seasonal species like cobia, permit, and tarpon. These sought-after fish can be found in inshore and nearshore waters around St. Pete Beach, offering a unique and memorable catch for anglers willing to rise to the challenge. From sight casting to tarpon as they roll on the surface to targeting cobia around buoys and structures, these seasonal species provide a dynamic fishing experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Seize the Opportunity

With such a diverse range of fish species biting in the inshore and nearshore waters of St. Pete Beach, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the local fishing scene. To fully capitalize on your fishing adventure, consider fishing with Rock Bottom Sportfishing. Their knowledgeable captains and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee a fun and unforgettable day on the water.

Whether you’re pursuing inshore species like redfish, snook, and trout or nearshore species like kingfish, grouper, and snapper, Rock Bottom Sportfishing has the expertise to make your trip a success. Don’t miss out on the unparalleled fishing opportunities in St. Petersburg, Florida. Book your trip today, and let’s reel in some incredible memories!

Author: Eric